EGO AGC1000 Gutter Attachment for EGO Leaf Blowers

Easily attach to any EGO blower to avoid using a ladder or climbing on the roof to clean your gutters.

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  • With an adjustable blower nozzle, you can blow debris in any direction. EGO parts are designed specifically for your EGO POWER+ Blower and offer the highest quality, performance and value.
  • Compatible with all EGO POWER+ handheld blowers*
  • 8.3 ft. in length
  • Adjustable blower nozzle
  • Screw connection tubes
  • Remove debris from gutters safely
  • Genuine EGO parts ensure compatibility, quality and performance
  • *Not compatible with model LB4800.

Financing available for major purchases! (Items with serial numbers)

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AGC1000 Gutter Cleaner Kit 0124 $74.99

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