Lawnmowers – Toro

For over 100 years Toro has been manufacturing high quality lawn care equipment. Toro’s walk-behind mowers are all built with the DNA of their most trusted commercial mowers used by everyone from professional sports teams to amusement parks.
In addition to traditional gas push mowers, Toro now offers a line of battery-powered mowers for a more eco-friendly solution. Every mower is built to last with a rugged steel deck and extra long 22-inch blades to help get the job done more quickly. Toro’s Recycler® cutting technology helps to maintain a natural, healthy-looking lawn by returning nutrient-rich clippings back into the soil.
Toro’s Recycler® is correct at 22” but the Toro’s Super Recycler® mowers (best for recycling) are cast-aluminum. 21” with SMARTSTOW have 70% less storage.
View our Toro lawnmower collection below or come by our shop in Edmonton to see our selection.