SnoWay Dual Electric Poly V-Box Spreaders

The Poly Dual Electric RVB spreaders are built for the professional snow and ice removal specialist.

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  • The Revolution Spreader line uses a heavy duty 1/2 horsepower electric motor, direct drive gear box to run the auger and a 1/3 horsepower electric motor, direct drive gear box to run the spinner. The Poly Hopper is mounted on a 304 stainless steel frame and drive support to give you a spreader that will provide you years of service. Sno-Way is known for having the best spread pattern in the industry, and the Sno-Way RVB spreaders will NOT disappoint.
  • The Revolution V-Box family has a roto molded perimeter with ribbed hopper, mounted to an all stainless steel frame and drive support.
  • The easy on/off stainless steel and roto molded chute has a 16” four chute poly spinner to provide you long life and superior spread pattern up to 30’.
  • The 1/2 horsepower direct drive gear box and 1/3 horsepower spinner motor are fully enclosed so that water and salt does not penetrate.
  • The inside of the poly hopper walls are designed for maximum flow of the toughest materials to minimum size material bridging.
  • One harness supplies all of the power from the battery to the hopper, with a water-tight Duetsch connector and seal to connect them. The harness is plug and play for accessories. No cutting or splicing.
  • Adjustable inverted vee (patent pending). Adjust the inverted vee system to match the material you want to spread.
  • Optional Wetting System with Filling Station available.

All units come complete with

  • Inverted V
  • Top Screen
  • Vibrator
  • 99101113 16' easy on/Off Short Chute
  • 99101260 Vehicle Power Harness
  • 99101248 Controller
  • MS-649075 Ratchet & Web Hold Down Kit (4 Req'd)
  • Poly Vinyl Tarp
  • Note: These units will spread wet sand, wet bulk salt, grit and pea gravel, if a 2nd vibrator is added and the inverted v is set per operator manual.

Financing available for major purchases! (Items with serial numbers)

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99101336 RVB500 1/2 Cu Yd Capacity 1123 $8,525.00
99101287 RVB750 3/4 Cu Yd Capacity 1123 $9,010.00
99101288 RVB1500 1.5 Cu Yd Capacity 1123 $10,260.00
99101289 RVB2000 2.0 Cu Yd Capacity 1123 $10,535.00
99101290 RVB2500 2.5 Cu Yd Capacity 1123 $11,020.00
99101453 RVB3000 3.0 Cu Yd Capacity 1123 $12,405.00

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