Eskimo Ice Chisels

Designed to Chop Faster

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  • Anti-vibration foam grip handle
  • Innovative new tooth design
  • Short chisel fits easily in a bucket
  • Two-piece chisel is easy to transport
  • Webbing tether prevents loosing the chisel down the hole
  • Fully welded steel with Eskimo red powdercoat paint finish, the most durable in the industry
  • Rubber chisel blade protector included
  • NEW! Redesigned chisel blade chops through ice with less effort.

Financing available for major purchases! (Items with serial numbers)

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CH10 Short 25.5” 0121 Call for Price
CH11 1 Piece 59.5” 0121 Call for Price
CH12 2 Piece 64” 0121 Call for Price

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