EGO LBX8000 Commercial Blower with Peak Power

The next-generation EGO Commercial 800 CFM Backpack Blower delivers 800 CFM, air speeds up to 190 mph, and 26N push force to power through the day.

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  • This battery-powered backpack blower features a high-performance 1,900W brushless motor with intelligent electronics to deliver power equivalent to a 60cc gas engine. Tailor performance with digital controls including a battery level indicator and speed control with turbo lock on the blower’s fully adjustable hand grip and tube.
  • Brushless motor delivers 1,900W max power, 1,700W rated power
  • Peak Power™ combines the power of any two EGO 56V ARC Lithium™ batteries to deliver 800 CFM
  • Runs up to 240 minutes on low, 60 minutes on high, 50 minutes on turbo with two 56V 12.0Ah ARC Lithium™ batteries (available separately)
  • 65 db(A) decibel rating at 50 feet meets ANSI standards
Coming spring 2023

Financing available for major purchases! (Items with serial numbers)

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LBPX8004-2 800 CFM Backpack Blower, 2 * 6Ah Batteries, 560W Dual Port Charger 0124 $999.00
LBPX8004-6 800CFM Peak Power Backpack Blower Kit (2*10Ah battery, CH2800D charger, 1*Nozzle) 0124 $1,799.00
LBPX8006-2 800CFM Peak Power Backpack Blower Kit (2*10Ah battery, CH2800D charger, 1*Nozzle) 0424 $1,799.00
LBPX8000 800CFM Peak Power Backpack Blower Bare Tool (Inc. 1*Nozzle) 0424 $549.00

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