Bluebird TA10 and TA12 Towable Aerators

The TA10 is ideal for commercial areas and large residences, and the TA12 model gives you the extra capability to handle just about any situation.

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  • Two independent tine rotors with interchangeable closed spoon 1/2” tines provide superior maneuverability around corners and tight areas.
  • A rugged design offers you years of low maintenance productivity.
  • Tip wheels allow the towable aerator to easily pass through narrow openings.
  • Five optional weight containers (5 gallon capacity each) ensure optimal soil penetration.

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TA10 Towable Aerator - 36" 0123 $3,445.00
7510 Set of 5 heavy duty container 0123 $287.50
TA12 Towable Aerator - 48” 0123 $4,289.00
109297 Set of 6 heavy duty container 0123 $342.70

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Engine Options (TA10)Requires 16HP + Towing Tractor
Engine Options (TA12)Requires 18HP + Towing Tractor
Clutch Type / PTOHand Crank Raise / Lower
Aerating Width (TA10)36”
Aerating Width (TA12)48”
Aerating DepthUp to 3”
Productivity (TA10)3 acres/hrs
Productivity (TA12)4 acres/hrs
Pattern4.4” x 6”
Wheels (Front / Trans.)10 x 3” Semi-Pneumatic
Wheels (Rear / Tip Up)5 x 1.2” Molded to Wheel
ConstructionWelded Heavy-Gauge Steel
Coring Tines (TA10)32 (.75”) Closed Spoon
Coring Tines (TA12)40 (.75”) Closed Spoon
Removable Weight (TA10)200 LB (5/5-Gallon)
Removable Weight (TA12)288 LB (6/5-Gallon)
Width (TA10) 45”
Width (TA12)58.5”
Length (TA10)55” with Tow Bar
Length (TA12)56” with Tow Bar
Height (TA10)34.5” (28 No Weights)
Height (TA12)37.1” (28 No Weights)
Weight (TA10)190 lbs
Weight (TA12)222 lbs

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