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  • When you combine the brute power of Mean Green's CXR and the stealth of the Mean Green's Stalker, you have the next step in Mean Green Mowers' evolution, the Nemesis NXR. The patent pending Nemesis is the most powerful electric prosumer zero turn on the market and is designed to take on any commercial or residential job.
  • The Nemesis is the leanest and greenest innovation from Mean Green yet. Crafted out of lightweight aluminum and high strength steel, the Nemesis is strong, fast, and agile making it perfect for any commercial or residential job. The NXR is designed with a low center of gravity and custom rite-ride suspension that provides the smoothest ride possible!Aerospace inspired trailing link front caster suspension combined with two densities of seat foam allows for a ride that is more like a Sunday drive than an afternoon cutting grass.


  • Roll Over Protection System
  • Side Discharge Deck
  • Semi-Pneumatic Front Tires
  • Soft ride rear turf tires
  • Electric Deck Lift System
  • High/Low Blade Speed Control
  • 7 Gauge Aluminum Chassis/Deck Design
  • Custom Lumbar Comfort Seat
  • Dual Support Anti-Scalp Wheel Mounts
  • Rite-Ride Suspension System
  • Operator Blade Speed Warning System


  • S.A.M Solar Canopy System with charge controller
  • 200W Solar flex panels with charge controller (you mount on home)
  • Monster Mode high speed/torque 8.5 mph top speed
  • 2,000 Watt inverter with battery adapter (to run small 120VAC items)
  • Aluminum grass catcher
  • 25A Fast charger (replacing 10A charger)
  • Dual LED floodlight and USB (12V) converter kit
  • ORV-BLAST! front end blower w/ foot controls


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NXR-48-X* PACKAGE 48" ZTR 2.5 acre lot on one charge. LEM4880 Battery 0219 $11,925.00 USD
$10,999.00 USD
NXR-48-XL** PACKAGE 48" ZTR 5 acre lot on one charge. LEM48140 Battery 0219 $12,999.00 USD
$11,999.00 USD
NXR-MONSTER PACKAGE 52" Deck, Lem48140 Battery, Front Suspension Yokes, Monster Mode! 0219 $13,699.00 USD
$12,599.00 USD
NXR-52-MDU 52" Deck Side Discharge Upgrade 0219 $382.00 USD
NXR-GC Aluminum Grass Catcher 0219 $623.00 USD
NXR-LK Dual LED Flood Light Kit 0219 $543.00 USD
NXR-OLK LED Orange Flashing Light & Bracket 0219 $325.00 USD
NXR-FS Front Suspension Yokes 0219 $389.00 USD
MONSTER MODE Monster Mode Hi Speed 8.5 MPH, Max Torque! 0219 $88.00 USD
ORV- BLAST PACKAGE Front End Blower with Foot Controls and Wiring 0219 $2,135.00 USD
3KW INVERTER 3KW (6KW Peak) Inverter, 110VAC, Portable 0219 $985.00 USD
200W SOLAR PACKAGE Solar Panels and Charge Controller. Mount to your house for charging the mower completely net zero. 0219 $894.00 USD
S.A.M. Solar Canopy for NXR (Solar Assisted Mower) 0219 $1,699.00 USD
* NXR-48-X package includes mower, 1, LEM4880 battery, solid frt yokes w/ no flat wheels, and 1 ea LEMC3548 charger.
**NXR-48-XL package includes mower, 1, LEM48140 battery, solid frt yokes w/ no flat wheels, and 1 ea LEMC3548 charger.

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Deck Size48" / 52"
Batteries (LEMs)1 each LEM48140, 1 each LEM4880
Weight590 - 650 lbs
Mow Time / Charge 48"1.5 hrs (1 LEM4880)
2.5 hrs (1 LEM48140)
Mow Time / Charge 52"2.5 hrs (1 LEM4880)
2.25 hrs (1 LEM48140)
Recharge Time 3 - 6 hrs. Complete Charging
Speed8.5 mph / 13.8 kmh
Operational Saving / hour$5.00*
Lithium Energy Module (LEM) Life 1500 - 3000 mowing hours
Sound Level 48"75db
Sound Level 52"77db
Peak Horspower24
Fuel / OilZero
*Varies with terrain, opersator performance, and grass conditions